Knox Massage & Wellness brings therapeutic massage to Farragut

Anita Stone Dunford, licensed massage therapist/owner of Knox Massage and Wellness, has brought her business to Farragut.

She celebrated Wednesday, Dec. 7, with a Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting at her new location, 11410 Kingston Pike Suite 400 behind Domino’s Pizza.

“I love it,” Dunford said. “It feels kind of unreal.”

“We are so excited to be opening Knox Massage and Wellness,” FWKCC president/CEO Julie Blaylock said.

Dunford, who provides ashiatsu massage — meaning she works with her feet — has been in the therapeutic massage business for almost eight years. She has been in private practice going on seven years.

“I’ve always enjoyed massage and therapeutic work. It’s always been my passion,” Dunford said.

After building her practice, “I wanted to open my own space because I wanted give opportunities to other therapists, too,” she said.

While Dunford has another therapist working with her, she is hoping to add more.

“I love what I do so I provide that space for people to love what they do as well,” Dunford said.

“(Ashiatsu) is very therapeutic because it is deep tissue massage. … You’re working with your feet and your whole body,” she added.

“But I’ve done many types of things, like myofascial release therapy, trigger-release therapy and other outlets to get them feeling better in their everyday life.”

The one thing that keeps her going as a massage therapist is helping people feel better.

“I’ve been begging her to come to Farragut,” said Candace Viox, a patient of Dunford’s.

“I’ve known Anita for five years through massage therapy,” said Kim Fry, another client. “I’m super excited to see her here today.”

Before coming to Farragut, Dunford worked at Vital Signs then Renegade, a yoga studio, for three years.

Yet, “it’s always been a dream to open my own practice,” she said. “I didn’t think it would happen.”

However, she was inspired by a client to “do it.”

Dunford came to Farragut because a lot of her clients live in or near Town.

”I love this area,” she said. “I love Farragut. There are a lot of good opportunities in Farragut. I felt it was meant to be.”

Massage therapist Paul Justice, who caters to deep tissue massage and teaches the trade, joins her.

Another therapist will join her in January.

To book an appointment or for more information, call 865-221-2533, e-mail or visit online at