Current Watersports eyes Outlet Mall for new location

A second water sports business is planning to locate along Outlet Drive, as it submitted a site plan to modify the old Outlet Mall building’s parking at 11221 Outlet Drive to Farragut Municipal Planning Commission.

Current Watersports initially submitted its site plans for its business during Farragut Muncipal Planning Commission’s Staff/Planner meeting Tuesday, Nov. 29. FMPC approved the site plan during its meeting Thursday, Dec. 15.

The company is looking to locate in the southeast quadrant of the Outlet Mall building while Sitel is located in the west section and another business is proposed in another part of the building.

“I think it’s a great use of the building,” Commissioner Ed St. Clair said Dec. 15.

“Sitel has 100 percent of the west side of the building,” said Jim Nixon, a licensed broker representing Kodak Properties.

Tommy’s Watersports, a different business, earlier submitted plans to FMPC to expand a building along Outlet Drive.

“We didn’t have a whole lot of discussion (items) on this (Current Watersports’ plan) because frankly there’s not a lot of exterior modifications,” Farragut Community Development director Mark Shipley said.

“As far as the site changes, (Current Watersports) is proposing to have some boat storage, so they’re reconfiguring the parking in this area,” Shipley said. “These eastern spaces would be boat storage.

“These are very high-end boats, so they wanted to have them kind of protected as well, so there will be access gates into this area,” he said. “This area will be controlled access … they’re proposing to have a fence around this part … a non-obtrusive-type fence.

“It’s not the same provisions as in the Outlet Drive entertainment area, where the storage area has to be screened, so it’s not visible from public streets,” Shipley said. “It just has to be in an area designated for that.”

Savannah Greco, architect with R2R Studio, is proposing black on the exterior trim. There also will be a roll-up door on one side to access boats housed inside the business.

“We’ve got eight doors on that side,” Nixon said. “I think half of them are staying, and half of them are going into that roll-up door.”

“Are (those doors) left over from Outlet Mall?” asked Mayor Ron Williams, also a Planning Commissioner.

“Yeah,” Nixon answered. “There’re still plenty of places to get in and out there for emergencies or for their traffic when the roll-up door’s installed.”

Regarding lighting, “Are you going to have this storage area lit?” Williams asked.

“There are existing lights,” Greco answered.