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• Amendment 22-12 is not targeted toward any one entity. Its purpose is to protect all the neighborhoods in Farragut from invasive and incompatible development.

The verbiage in the amendment has been worked on for many months, with input from members of the Town staff and (other Town officials) who approved the wording. The final amendment draft was voted 8 to 1 for approval by the FMPC, and 4 to 1 on first reading by BOMA.

There has been a resolution in writing between the Town of Farragut and the neighborhood near Anchor Park for over 37 years stating that Anchor Park will remain a “dark park.”

The last minute reference to Anchor Park as a needy addition to the amendment seems like a last ditch effort to derail the amendment from final approval.

• During the Dec 8 (Farragut) Mayor and (Board of) Aldermen meeting, (a Town official) admitted the Town violated its own public lighting ordinance at McFee Park. This issue also occurred years before at Mayor Leonard Park.

The original draft to amend the Town of Farragut’s existing public lighting ordinance (22-12), crafted with the help of the applicant, Farragut Neighborhood Preservation Partnership, included a statement that Anchor Park would remain a “dark park’, meaning unlit.

In the final ordinance, however, this is clearly omitted. Why? Is this an attempt to light the soccer fields at Anchor Park?

This ordinance originated to stop lights from being installed at the First Baptist (Concord) church soccer fields.

Why would the Town remove these critical protections from Anchor Park? This doesn’t seem fair to Farragut residents.

Editor’s Note: In the first sentence of the above submission, the contributor saying the Town official “admitted the Town violated its own public lighting ordinance at McFee Park” should not be translated to mean Town leaders broke the law, as that Town official has repeatedly made clear.

• The only Presstalk (in the Dec. 28 issue) does not have the facts. … The amendment to the Outdoor Lighting Ordinance 22-12 does not negate — in any way, form or fashion — the 37-year-old written agreement the Town of Farragut has with the Anchor Park neighborhood (banning) outdoor field lights. In fact, this amendment is designed to protect residential neighborhoods from invasive and intrusive lights from any private entity. This could include companies that wanted to have outdoor lights in the evening, such as dog training ... Please attend the (Board of Mayor and Aldermen) meetings.

• During the Dec. 8 meeting of the Board of Mayor and Alderman, it was unanimously acknowledged by (Town officials) that Anchor Park has long been designated as a “dark park.” That designation continues to be in place. There was no disagreement on this fact.

The proposed Ordinance 22-12 does not negate the well-recognized and documented agreement that Anchor Park is to be a “dark park.” Proposed Ordinance 22-12 has been through an extensive Town of Farragut approval process. The process has provided ample opportunities for public input, revisions to draft language and review by appropriate parties.

Anyone wishing to create an ordinance specifically related to Anchor Park should draft their proposed language and submit it to the Town of Farragut. Town of Farragut procedures for review and approval of a proposed ordinance ensure that any proposal will receive due consideration.

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