KCSO reports

• At 3:17 a.m., Monday, Jan. 2, a Knox County Sheriff’s Office unit was dispatched to a possible overdose at Casey’s convenience store along North Campbell Station Road. Upon arrival, officers made contact with eventual arrestee. He was inside of a red 1998 Toyota Tacoma, while it was running, slumped over the center console. Officers instructed him to step out of the vehicle, to which he complied.

Eventual arrestee was searched and was found to be in possession of a Glock 19 handgun, with a value listed at $500. He was asked if he needed medical attention, which he declined. Officers then conducted a standardized field sobriety tests on eventual arrestee, which he performed poorly.

He “was very rigid in his movements, his pupils were pinpoint and he was talking excessively and quickly,” the report stated. Eventual arrestee gave consent to search his vehicle, and officers located drug paraphernalia (glass pipe, straws) and a schedule II (levorphanol) drug inside of a backpack in the passenger seat of the vehicle,” the report further stated. “The narcotics and drug paraphernalia were found inside of a plastic case.”

• At 12:34 a.m., Sunday, Jan. 1, a KCSO unit responded to a Long Ridge Road residence concerning a domestic matter. Officer came into contact with suspect/eventual arrestee walking down the street from the residence, who said he was in an verbal argument with his family.

Eventual arrestee said he watched the (News Year’s Eve celebration) ball drop with his dad, the victim, “and everything was OK,” the report stated. Father and son got into an argument, with the eventual arrestee saying his father lunged at him, and he retaliated by shoving the victim out the way.

The father said when his son went upstairs, “the whole family could hear (him) on the phone attempting to have meth delivered to him,” the report stated.

The father also said he confronted his son about the phone call, and the eventual arrestee “became upset and denied the phone call,” the report stated. The father said his son shoved him down and then shoved (complainant/victim) down and took her phone.

The father said he called an eventual victim for help. This victim said he observed the eventual arrestee shove the woman down.

Victim coming to help said he attempted to grab the eventual arrestee, who hit this victim multiple times with a closed fist. “I observed injuries on the right shoulder, left shoulder and left shin/knee area” of the victim who came to help, the report stated. Suspect “was taken into custody without incident.”

All victims refused medical treatment and transportation to a safe location. All victims were advised of their domestic violence rights and given a family crimes blue card.

• At 11:43 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 31, two KCSO units responded to a North Campbell Station hotel room concerning a domestic matter. A guest at the hotel “notified the staff they could hear what sounded like a male assaulting a female,” the report stated. Eventual arrestee said he and the victim “were just having rough sex and that (victim) became upset when the manager came to check on them,” the report further stated.

Eventual arrestee “was heavily intoxicated (with) slurred speech, mumbling, blood shot eyes and a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from (his) person.”

Officers spoke with the victim, who said eventual arrestee “told her to tell officers that they were just having rough sex,” the report stated, adding she had “been drinking and remembers asking the eventual arrestee ‘why are you doing this to me?’”

Victim said she could not remember how eventual arrestee hit her, “but said she knows they were not having sex.”

Officers observed “swelling and injury marks from the assault on (victim’s) left eye area, nose and lips. (Victim) refused to cooperate (but) let the officer photo-document her injuries,” the report stated.

Suspect was taken into custody without incident. Victim refused medical treatment and transportation to a safe location. She was advised of domestic violence rights.

• At 4:07 p.m., Dec. 31, an officer responded to Interstate 40/75, near the Campbell Station Road exit, after a single-vehicle crash.

A 2021 black Honda Civic bearing a South Carolina tag with heavy front-end damage was facing eastbound, partially blocking the right lane.

The eventual arrestee was “lying down in the back seat of the vehicle,” the report stated. “He exited the car and admitted to driving. He said an animal jumped in front of him, causing him to lose control.

“I could immediately smell the odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from his expelled breath,” the report further stated. “His eyes were bloodshot/watery. He was unsteady on his feet, swaying as he was standing. His speech was slurred.” Knox County Rescue and AMR responded to the scene; no injuries were reported. Eventual arrestee refused medical treatment.

“He admitted he had a few cans of Michelob ultra,” the report stated. “He stated he consumed those beers with food.”

When asked how intoxicated he “thought he (was) on a scale of one to 10, he said ‘four’ and admitted he shouldn’t be driving. He stated that he was heading home. ... He agreed to perform field sobriety tasks. ... He failed to assume the demonstrated position in the walk-and-turn portion of the test. ... He lost his balance on several occasions. He missed multiple heel-to-toe steps. He was unable to complete the walk-and-turn test. ... He failed to complete the one-leg stand test.”