Turkey Creek Commons set to expand: Phase 3

Turkey Creek Commons, a small shopping center just west of Old Stage Road that includes Anytime Fitness and Marco’s Pizza, is expected to have another building on the site.

As part of Phase 3 of the development at 12500 Kingston Pike, Robert Marlino, project manager with Smee + Busbee Architects, presented a site plan for third building on the 11.84-acre site at the Town’s Staff/Developer meeting Tuesday, Jan. 3.

The first phase of the development housed Anytime Fitness while the second phase incorporated The Lee Company.

“All those were shown on the original site plan many years ago,” Farragut Community Development director Mark Shipley said. “They’ve just been kind of staging the development.

“This is the last building in this development,” he added. “It’s already got a pad out there, and parking’s already there. There’s not a whole lot of site-related work here.

“I think they’re wanting to match Building No. 2 architecturally.”

“There’re a few changes,” Marlino said. “We’re not going to have the big overhang canopy … we’re just going to do some flat aluminum awnings.

“Everything else is pretty much the same,” he added. “The windows will be the same, the brick will be the same, the efface will be the same and the pattern will be the same.

“The storefront windows in front will be higher, and there will be six bays with the aluminum awnings on top.

The owner “is hoping to get one tenant for the entire building, so we’re assuming there’s going to be one sign,” Marlino said, noting the six bays were included in case there were more tenants in the future.

“That’s smart because you never know what will happen,” said Mayor Ron Williams, who also is a Farragut Municipal Planning Commission member.

“Yeah, the tenant hasn’t signed yet,” Marlino said.

“Because it’s taken so long to build this out, the first building was before we had architectural design standards, so a lot of efface,” Shipley said. “The second building came under our design standards. They had a lot more brick on it.

“There’s mostly brick on this (third) building except for this efface area,” which is stone masonry, he added

“Which is the same as what’s on the front of the other two buildings,” said Vice Mayor Louise Povlin, an FMPC member and co-owner of Anytime Fitness. “It looks like this one is going to be a smaller area than what the other two buildings are.” She said the other two have the overhang cover customers can get under during inclement weather.

Marlino said the first building has more efface, while the second has brick. He said the designer thought the third building’s efface design needed to be simplified. “It was from a visual point of view, not a cost point of view,” he added.

“We think, with one tenant, they will probably be going in one door.”

However, Shipley said, “It probably helps, architecturally, that all three buildings have a little different look.”