Founders Week to honor ‘Seven’ 3rd week in Jan.

What started as an effort to recognize and honor one of Farragut’s founders has become a day and week, in January, to celebrate all seven founders.

Town founder “Eric Johnson came to me and wanted to honor (fellow founder) Betty Dick,” Town Vice Mayor Louise Povlin said last week. “I wanted to honor Betty, too, but it got me thinking about how, after such a tough election year, we are in danger of losing who we are, and we need to start celebrating out founders and our founding,” she added.

Povlin said after consulting with Town staff, it was decided 2023 would be the first year to observe the inaugural “Founders Week,” as the third week in January.

This year it begins Thursday, Jan. 12.

“While many assisted with the incorporation effort that paid off on Jan. 16, 1980, seven residents are acknowledged as the Town’s founders,” a Town press release stated. “Dr. Ralph McGill, Eric Johnson, Betty Dick, Ron Simandl, Gene McNalley, George Dorsey and David Rodgers.

“This year, Founders Week will be observed with a proclamation honoring the seven founders at the Thursday, Jan. 12, Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting. A short video recognizing their accomplishments also will be shown at the Board meeting and posted on the Town’s social media accounts.

“A second proclamation, honoring Betty Dick, who worked tirelessly in the effort to incorporate before volunteering on the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (1981-86) and Municipal Planning Commission (2012-2021) will be read at the Jan. 19 (FMPC) meeting,” the release added.

An exhibition of items related to the Town’s incorporation also has been added to Farragut Museum as part of Founders Week.