Saah Salon Suites

Offering services to meet various wellness needs

Although many think only of hair salons in a salon suite, locations such as Saah Salon Suites, owned by Suzanne Saah, at 102 S. Campbell Station Road, have more to offer to complement people’s desire for various kinds of wellness.

“We are lucky,” Saah said. “We have a little bit of everything. We have (hair) stylists (and) we have hair salons.

“We have massage spas; we have nail techs that have their own nail salons; we have estheticians who have their own spas,” she said. “Everyone is so unique and special and excellent at their work.

“And, it’s so great to support small businesses,” Saah said. “Each person comes in and opens their own business. I just make sure everything runs smoothly.

“I have a standard of who I let in here,” she said. “My standard is high, (and) “I only want professionals in here.”

In addition to the Farragut suites, Saah also has another Saah Salon Suites at 8915 George Williams Road, Knoxville. The Farragut location has 26 salon owners, and the George Williams location has 27.

At each of the salons and spas, “(customers) have one-on-one with their salon owner,” Saah said. “It’s private; it’s professional.

“(The suite owners) are rock stars — everyone of them,” she said. “They’re seasoned.

“They’re up to date, knowledgeable, the highest quality that you can get in a salon ownership,” Saah added.

Each salon suite owner schedules his or her own appointments. Customers can go to the Saah Salon Suites website at to get the phone number of the salon owner they want.

Once on the site, “they can read the bio (of the salon owner) and go from there,” Saah said. “Or, they can walk in and see, but a lot of times, they’re by appointment only.”

With a cosmetology background, she said operating the salon suites is her passion.

“(Cosmetology, aesthetics and nail technician) is what I was doing since I was 16 years old,” she reflected. “I love it, and it’s my passion.”

As such, Saah said she wants to see others in that profession to succeed.