Top sell

Topgolf Farragut bought for nearly 4X original sale

The 15.73-acre Topgolf property recently sold for nearly four times what the same parcel brought less than two years ago.

ANS Properties, LLC, and Fay Properties, LLC, both listing a 2971 Valley Ave., Winchester, Virginia address, are jointly listed as purchasers of the 11400 Outlet Drive tract for $35.7 million Jan. 5, according to documents filed with Knox County Register of Deeds Nick McBride.

Seller was TN Knoxville Furrow, LLC, 201 Riverplace, Suite 400, Greenville, South Carolina, which according to KGIS, purchased the property March 11, 2021, from Furrow Family Partnerships for $8.146 million.

“This is just another example that the commercial real estate market in Knox County remains very strong,” McBride Monday, Jan. 16.