Incredible Towns speeds up networking

Area business owners and representatives have a unique opportunity to speed up their networking capabilities.

Incredible Towns, a home-based business co-owned by husband and wife Choya and Laura Hardin, are hosting Speed! Incredible Business Networking, from 7:30 a.m. to noon, Friday, Feb. 10, in Farragut Community Center, 239 Jamestowne Blvd.

“It’s like speed dating for businesses,” Choya Hardin said. “All businesses are welcome to be at this event.”

The event will allow 100 businesses at 12 tables — eight people at each table – in 12 rounds. Breakfast and snacks are included.

“Everyone is going to start out seated at a table,” he said. “At the beginning of each round, the table members will introduce themselves and talk about their businesses.

“They’ll have a chance to exchange cards, a few minutes to ask each other questions and potentially set up some follow-up appointments,” Hardin added. “Then, after that round is done, everybody gets up, spreads out and goes to different tables.”

Cost for admission is $59.95. Those interested can register at

“We’re just trying to cover the cost and make it approachable to people,” Hardin said. “Businesses are getting a lot for that money.

“It’s a small investment to be able to meet almost 100 other business people, get directly in front of and talk with other business owners, entrepreneurs, sales managers and to make face-to-face contact,” he added.

“Throughout a morning at this event, people will be able to literally talk, hear from and interact with every single person in the room in a very organized manner, and that’s what makes it so special — because if you could cold call 100 businesses, successfully meet the decision makers and get their information in one morning, that would be a super power. We just make it to where people can actually do it.”

Hardin explained Incredible Towns is a marketing agency while Incredible Networking is the division of the business that does networking events.

“We use that as one of our primary ways to get out and meet people, businesses and what-not, and we provide a forum for other businesses to do the same thing,” he said.

“We love networking,” added Hardin, who has a background in marketing. “We think it’s one of the best ways for small businesses to build their circle of influence, their referral networks and meet new friends.

“We like it when everyone helps each other do better.

Incredible Business Networking hosts business lunches around the area.

“We have one here in Farragut, West Knox, South Knox, North Knox, all over the place,” Hardin said. “Those (lunches) are free and open for anyone to attend.

“But what we’re excited about here is our big event — speed networking,” he added.