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• Thank you for your article in the Jan. 18, 2023 issue explaining the recent First Utility District Rate Increases.

While you focused on the elimination of the previous first 1,500 gallons as being “free,” it is also worthy to note that First Utility District is now charging a minimum “water” fee of $14.39 for sprinkler meters, even when no water is used. The previous “no water usage” minimum fee was $9.85, an increase of 46 percent.

It is disappointing that First Utility District did not reach out to their customers in advance of the rate increases.

• I’ve driven on Peterson Road almost daily for 31 years. Not once have I seen anyone biking on Peterson because of multiple steep hills. Several years ago a bike lane was added to Peterson, which made both car lanes much too narrow, especially the lane from Kingston Pike into the neighborhoods.

It’s so narrow, most people drive over the double yellow lines, forcing drivers in the opposite lane to veer into the bike lane to avoid a collision. I respect bike riders and am glad to share the road with them, but they don’t bike on Peterson.

Please do away with the unused bike lane — it’s causing dangerous conditions for drivers.

• The Hy-Vee development (proposed) on the property west of (Campbell Station Road-Kingston Pike intersection) would be wonderful for the Town, the community. The Hy-Vee is a big commercial store, and the sales tax revenue would be wonderful for the Town.

Also, it would be so good to have Glen Abbey and Park Place (subdivisions) come out at a red light onto Kingston Pike, rather than it be a hazardous exit from that area when you turn left onto Kingston Pike.

The traffic signal would be moved from the Kohl’s development to line up with Jamestowne Boulevard, which would be a wonderful thing.

It would give Glen Abbey and Place Place residents another way out of their development onto Kingston Pike. It would be a very, very wonderful thing if it happens.

I hope our Town leaders will be wise about that.

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