Journeys by Joleen leads clients to dream vacations

With people thinking about beaches this chilly time of the year, Joleen L. Dewald of Farragut is ready to help them embrace their dream vacations in her new home-based business, Journeys by Joleen Travel.

“I can book about any type of vacation,” she said.

However, Dewald noted, “I’m going to be specializing in helping people find military discounts, as well as being able to plan land vacations in Europe, cruises, about anything they are looking for.

“Primarily, my focus is going to be Europe and Alaska,” she added. “But, I have a great network of fellow travel professionals who can help if it is an unknown destination for me. I can book most any type of vacations.

“I’d like to help people be able to enjoy their vacations without a lot of stress. I do have a lot of experience in organizing point-to-point travel — rail, air and cruising.”

Point-to-point travel is “not a round trip,” she pointed out. “It’s not like flying to Miami and back. It’s if someone wants to fly somewhere and they want to travel to three or four different cities, but not necessarily fly from the same round trip.

”I want to not just put people in a cookie-cutter vacation,” she added. “(I want to) make sure they do what they want to do and make it their bucket list or their dream vacation … or maybe it’s just a week with their families.”

Dewald launched the travel agency in November 2022 as a side business.

“I was in Washington, D.C., for many years, and organized trips and travel for members of Congress and staff,” she said. “Then, when I moved here (in 2005, after her husband retired from the U.S. Air Force), I was still helping people with their travel plans, and I decided I should do this for a living — but I still have a real job. This (venture) is just part time.”

When not making travel plans, Dewald serves as operations coordinator for East Tennessee Veterans Memorial Association.

“I will continue working with ETVMA, but I have started this (business) as a sideline and hope to continue to grow it a little bit at a time because I enjoy travel,” she added.

As a result of her work with ETVMA, however, Dewald will focus on companies providing discounts to military veterans.

Anyone seeking a vacation can contact Dewald at her website, or on her Facebook page or e-mail at