KCSO reports

• At 7:34 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 29, Knox County Sheriff’s Office units were dispatched to a Waterslea Lane residence on a report of forced entry. The victim said his residence had been broken into when he wasn’t home, through the back door by breaking the glass. Victim said his security system had alerted him that his garage door was opened at 7:04 p.m. Officers proceeded to clear the residence and found evidence that the suspect had gone through drawers, particularly in the master bedroom and kids’ bedroom. After the residence was cleared, X-ray was notified and came out to process the scene. Victim walked through the residence and did not notice any items missing. The victim was advised that if something is found to be missing at a later date to call the non-emergency number to add to the report. Estimated cost of repair was listed at $5,000.

• At 10 a.m., Jan. 27, a complainant called KCSO North Precinct to report a fraud, false pretense, that occurred at his Calloway View Drive residence. Complainant said he knew the suspect due to previous work he had done at his residence. He advised the suspect came to his residence on Tuesday, Jan. 24, and was given a check for $1,300 for materials needed for the job he was going to be doing. Complainant advised the check was cashed the same day, but the suspect has not showed back up. He advised the suspect will not answer his phone calls and never started any work on the residence.

• On Friday, Jan. 2, 2023, an officer was dispatched to the Holiday Inn Express, North Campbell Station Road, about an alleged fraud incident. Complainant/suspect said that while she was working that night, she was contacted via Whatsapp by a person portraying themselves as the hotel owner, who instructed complainant/suspect to go to the maintenance room, get a crowbar and hammer, break into his office, get the keys to the safe from the white box in the upper left drawer of his desk, gain access to the safe, take cash, put the no clerk sign at the front desk and proceed, via uber, to the Bitcoin machine at the Exxon convenience store along Wall Brook Drive and deposit the cash into the BitCoin machine.

Complainant/suspect said she followed the instructions, ordered the Uber and proceeded to the Exxon. “There she deposited, based on the receipts she provided, $3,950,” the report stated. “She was then instructed to go to her bank, Regions on Kingston Pike, and deposit $1,640.00, which she did. She was then instructed to withdraw $600 from her account, which she later placed back into the hotel bank bag. She explained when making deposits into the Bitcoin machine to supposed hotel owner, she started receiving an error code, so he told her to deposit under another name. Alleged owner provided her with bar codes for the deposits for both names. After it was all said and done, complainant/suspect could not explain how much total she removed from the hotel safe or deposited into the Bitcoin machine; she stated she was counting the money, but the alleged owner told her to stop counting when she got to $3,000.

Complainant/suspect said she tried to call the hotel general manager but got no answer. He said there had never been an owner by the name used in the phone call. “He began counting the money and determined there was approximately $6,000 in large denominations missing,” the report stated. She used three Ubers during all the transactions and withdrawals. General manager was reviewing the camera footage and would have that available later today. Total value of loss was listed at $6,000.

• At 10:56 p.m., Friday, Jan. 27, officers responded to a Wood Harbour Road residence for reports of vandalism. Victim said he was driving home when an egg hit the window of his 2019 Toyota Prius, causing a small crack. Victim said this occurred at the intersection of Canton Hollow Road and Woody Drive. Victim said an unknown person threw the egg. Total value of loss was listed at $75.

At 12:40 hrs this date the victim called into the East Precinct to file a report regarding a Vandalism which occurred at 729 Woodchase Drive. According to the victim between approximately 20:00 hrs January 20th and 11:30 hrs yesterday morning person (s) unknown cut down 3 or more bushes and the limbs off one side of 3 or more trees. The victim advised these bushes and trees were on the left side of his front yard which is the side where his property intersects with Grigsby Chapel Road.

The victim stated he does not have any outside cameras. He said he spoke with his neighbor across the street but his ring doorbell wouldn’t record from that distance. Toaal vluae opf loss was listed at $3,000.