Experiencing the romance

The Julianna Wedding-Event Venue offers a Valentine’s wedding day to remember

  • Valentine’s Day can bring a special feeling of romance to a wedding day, for the couple and attendants at The Julianna. - photo submitted

  • Suzanne Saah, co-owner of The Juliana Wedding and Event Venue, 91111 Hunter Valley Lane, saw the magic of the venue’s location in 2020 when she and husband, Charlie, bought the event center. - photo submitted

“Most couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day,” observed Suzanne Saah, co-owner of The Julianna Wedding and Event Venue, 91111 Hunter Valley Lane, West Knoxville, with her husband, Charlie Saah.

Still, “when you get married at The Julianna, it’s an experience,” she added. “It’s not just a wedding day, it’s an experience for the bride, for the groom, the family, to the guests, as soon as they pull into our driveway and see the beautiful horses on either side” and “the stone pillars (at the second Julianna sign entrance).

“They tell us how it just takes them away.”

While a short distance from Northshore Drive, The Julianna is nestled in a country setting, 32 acres, with open fields, woodlands and lake — appearing worlds away from the city.

“And, for Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing more than love, beauty and nature,” she said. “We have deer, geese … it’s just beautiful here.”

The Julianna offers the ceremony site, an indoor ballroom, bridal suite, groom’s lounge, outdoor leisure space, a courtyard area and 2,000-square-foot farmhouse, where the couple and family members can stay during the festivities.

“Up to 10 people can sleep (in the farmhouse),” Saah said. “They can have a wedding on Valentine’s Day and have the whole weekend.

“We also offer the rehearsal dinner,” she added. “We have a whole weekend package here. It’s just a relaxed time, where it’s not rush, rush, rush.”

Saah recommended, though, that couples plan at least a year ahead. “To get what you want, you really need to plan way ahead so you can be the one in charge and decide (which vendors) you want,” she said. “If you wait too late, (the vendors) tell you if they are going to come or not.

“You get your venue first, and that way you have a place,” Saah added. “You know where you are going. You get your invitations, you get your photographer, you get all your vendors.

“We’re already booking for 2024, so you need at least a year, 18 months to book,” she warned.

The couple chooses its vendors, such as caterers, photographers and even bartenders.

“We want the bride and groom to have the wedding the way they want it, so they hire the vendors,” Saah said. “They get to pick whoever they want.”

She suggested a wedding planner would help.

The Julianna has been holding weddings, receptions and other special events since 2020. “Our first wedding was spring 2020,” Saah recalled. “It’s been going wonderfully ever since.

“... You get to see all the love, the happiness of the families,” she added. “I really thank God I got lucky.” For more information or to book a tour, visit its website at thejuliannavenue.com, call 865-661-1556 or e-mail info@juliannavenue.com