Meyer ‘reports’ White

Aldermen’s post-BOMA meet confrontation can be viewed

A Town of Farragut elected official has taken out what a Knox County Sheriff’s Office Incident Report described as a “report of an assault” against another Town elected official following a confrontation in the Town Hall boardroom.

The confrontation came after a strong verbal exchange between Alderman David White (Ward II, South) and Alderman Scott Meyer (Ward I, North) minutes before, in the middle of a Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting Thursday night, Feb. 9, in the boardroom.

“After considering all event details, I concluded a precautionary incident report would be prudent and make documentation available if needed in the future,” Meyer stated in an e-mail sent to farragutpress Saturday, Feb. 11.

As of deadline early Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 14, no charges had been filed.

With all BOMA and Farragut Municipal Planning Commission meetings broadcast live in Town through TDS and Spectrum while also available as podcasts on the Town website,, and on YouTube — the incident was part of the meeting video.

The full report, and White’s response, follows:

KCSO Incident Report

“On Thursday, Feb. 9, at approximately 21:12 hours, I, Deputy Tessa Stevenson, arrived at (a) Stahl Drive (residence) in Farragut for the report of an assault.

“I spoke with complainant/victim Scott Meyer, who stated that the incident occurred around 19:30 hours at the Town Hall of Farragut during a meeting.

“Mr. Meyer stated that he interrupted a fellow Alderman, David White, during the meeting, and Mr. White became upset. Mr. Meyer stated that after the meeting concluded, Mr. White came up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder and told him that no one was allowed to interrupt him while he was speaking, and that if Mr. Meyer did it again he would ‘kick his a--.’

“Mr. Meyer stated that he told Mr. White to remove his hands from him three different times, and he refused until a third party intervened. Mr. Meyer stated that there were multiple witnesses to the incident, but none of them were present at the time this statement was being taken.”

White’s response

“His statement has a lot of truth in it — but it has a lot of non-truth in it,” White said during a telephone interview Friday afternoon, Feb. 10.

“The part where he claims that I put my hand on his shoulder, and then he asked me to remove my hand three times — that’s a blatant lie,” the Ward II (South) alderman added. “I never touched him.

“And I didn’t walk up behind him. I walked right up to him and looked him in the eye.”

However, “I did say, ‘don’t ever interrupt me again,’ because that’s the mayor’s job,” White said about the report, referencing Town Mayor Ron Williams.

“He got irate and defensive and accused me of badgering a speaker or something,” the Ward II alderman added.

“I do admit I said, ‘If you do it again I’m going to whip, or kick, you’re a--.’ … He did say, ‘If you threaten me again I’ll call the police.’ I said, ‘go call ’em.’

“And it just kind of ended. I walked away.”

White said Williams “was standing right there” during the incident, but added, “What he heard and what he saw, I don’t know.

“Nobody else heard anything because they weren’t in hearing distance,” the Ward II alderman added.

Williams declined comment on the matter.

In reference to Stevenson or any other KCSO officer, “They haven’t talked to me at all,” White said.