• At 7:48 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 12, two Knox County Sheriff’s Office units were dispatched to a single vehicle accident at Canton Hollow Road at Fox Road.

Upon arrival, one officer witnessed the suspect/arrestee in the driver’s seat of a 2014 Mebe SLK, “which had ran over the train tracks and was stuck in the ditch by the train tracks,” the report stated. “Officers assisted the suspect from the vehicle.

“While speaking with the suspect, I detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from her person. The suspect had also had appeared to urinate on herself, and her shirt and undergarments were disarranged, which she did not appear to notice.”

Suspect told one officer she had “a margarita at Chili’s and two glasses of wine at the Admiral Pub,” the report stated. “The suspect then changed her story and stated she was not at Chili’s.”

The suspect “had slurred speech, glassy eyes and was unsteady on her feet while officers spoke with her,” the report stated.

An officer spoke with a witness, who advised he had been driving behind the suspect “and noticed she kept swerving on the road, and when they approached the train tracks the suspect accelerated through the curve, instead of decelerating,” the report further stated.

The suspect agreed to a standardized field sobriety testing, “to which she could not follow instructions and performed poorly,” the report stated. The suspect was read implied consent and agreed to give a blood sample for testing. Suspect was transported to Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility without incident, where the blood draw was completed. Vehicle was towed to Sutherland Avenue Wrecker.

• On Friday, Feb. 10, a complainant called KCSO saying he “discovered his back kitchen door ajar when he got up this morning,” the report stated. “He also noticed that his cover to his hot tub was open. He said “about five days ago his back gate to his yard came open and his dog got out,” the report stated.

“He said he had noticed that a back window lock was partially unlocked. Complainant said “there was a flyer for the Boy Scouts, Scouting For Food, by his back door,” the report further stated. “The past several days there have been high winds.”

• At 4:05 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 7, A complainant called KCSO North Precinct to report a theft occurring at a construction site located along Everett Road. “She advised this is new construction and she does not have numbers for the property at this time,” the report stated. She said an unknown suspect “took an equipment trailer” with a value listed at $5,2000. Complainant is the office manager and she was advised to send a copy of the title and bill of sale to the LEIDS e-mail address.

• At 9:38 a.m., Feb. 7, a complainant responded to KCSO Records Window to report a motor vehicle theft from the shoulder of Interstate 40/75 at Lovell Road exit (at mile marker 374).

Complainant said the vehicle ran out of gas around midnight and he returned to the location around 2:30 a.m.. Complainant said the vehicle, a 2006 Mebe 350, was locked and there was a spare key hidden in the vehicle.

Total value of loss was listed at $5,000.