Boost from FMPC for Virtue View Farm subdivision

Farragut Municipal Planning Commission voted to approve six variances and concept plan for Virtue View Farm subdivision being developed on 44.09 acres by Steve Williams at the corner of Virtue and Evans roads during its meeting Thursday, Feb. 16.

In November 2022, Williams did not have sidewalks included in the concept plan, and he wanted an entrance gate. Since FMPC was not in favor of a fence, Williams removed the fence and added a sidewalk on one side of the street, as well as providing a right-of-way.

Other variances that were approved included:

• Having no detention basin since it was close to Fort Loudoun Lake.

• Street pavement width reduced from the previously required 26 feet to 20 feet with shoulders, grassed swales and sidewalk on one side of the street.

• Allowing the cul-de-sac to exceed 500 feet in length given the number of lots, topography and desire to design the street along the contour.

• Omitting a 10 percent open space given the number of lots, lot sizes and rural character of the development.

“These are large estate lots, there are relatively few lots. It’s kind of got a rural, open space character to it, inherently,” Town Community Development director Mark Shipley said.

• Lots 3-6, 8-9 and 11-13 exceeding the width-to-depth ratio.

On another action, FMPC voted to approve a site plan for Kingston Pike Village, located behind Little Joe’s Pizza near Dixie Lee Junction, that removes selected retaining walls, regarding the common area, relocating the trash compactor to the center of the Planned Commercial District property, adding accessible parking on the west side of Building 2 and adding a fenced dog park area for Phase 1 of Kingston Pike Village, 13120 Royal Palm Way.

However, the approval was contingent upon the following staff conditions:

• Make sure graded slopes are addressed on the erosion control plan sheets; provide design plans for the new or modified retaining wall sections; and include details for the wall sections around the dog park area.