Funky’s Snacks new to Embroidery Boutique

Embroidery Boutique by Designs for You, 141 Brooklawn St. in Kroger Marketplace shopping center, has a new product line.

Debby Funk, owner, has created Funky’s Snacks, which she sells in the store. So along with providing an embroidery service and a gift shop, Funk also carries different flavors of beef jerky, such as jalapeno, original, salty pepper beef jerky, Korean barbecue, cowboy cut jerky, sriracha bacon and Tennessee whiskey, as well as hot spicy honey and dark chocolate-covered coffee beans.

Embroidery Boutique Designs for You is a family-owned and run monogramming, embroidery, engraving business and gift store established in 1989 by Laurae and the late Gary Hathaway, Funk’s parents. Funk joined the family business in 2006.

In 2014, the family moved the business to Farragut. “During COVID, I had just bought this embroidery business from my mom, and then we were closed for eight weeks,” Funk recalled. “I was trying to think of different ways, possibly, that I could bring people into the store.

“I’m a pretty good cook, so I was thinking of things that had shelf life,” she added. “But I didn’t realize all the laws and stuff behind manufacturing meat, so I started making the (beef) jerky and just giving it away to customers.

About following through with the meat snacks sales. “Everybody sort of encouraged me to actually do it,” Funk said

“I did the leg work,” she added. “I went ahead and trademarked the name.”

Funk said she tabled the idea for a while, but in the meantime she found a co-packer to produce the products. “They take my recipes and they actually make it,” she added, noting she started selling the items in her store and online in December. “I’m also wholesaling it, so there are some other places interested in carrying it.”

Hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and closed Saturday and Sunday. For more information or to order, call 865-393-1024 or visit