Growing Southeastern Fertility plans to expand

Southeastern Fertility, 11126 Kingston Pike, is expanding as it plans a 9,000-square-foot new medical building on a 1.69-acre vacant lot between Kiddie Cottage and Chesney Dentistry, just east of the Perceptics building.

“You’re definitely moving in the right direction,” Farragut Community Development director Mark Shipley said about the architects’ site plans during a Town Staff/Developer meeting Tuesday, Feb. 28. “I think it’s almost all brick. It’s got a lot of window space, which is nice … nice-looking building.

“It’s pretty straightforward,” he added.

Mark Randolph, architect with Randolph Architecture, said the building will be used as an OB/GYN and fertility clinic. Dr. John David Gordon with Southeastern Fertility confirmed it is an expansion of Southeastern Fertility, which has been in East Tennessee treating infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, PCOS and endometriosis for more than 25 years, according to its website. Its physicians, Gordon and Dr. Jeffrey Keenan, have more than 50 years combined expertise.


Randolph anticipates the building will be open in April 2024.

One feature of the building is the roof screening, as “there will be a mechanical unit on the roof,” Randolph said.

Shipley noted the screen will work fine, explaining, “They are using those mechanical design screens.”

The building will have two access points, one of which is an easement behind Jett’s Pizza, which is not a public street.

“The property does back up to Roane Drive and Boring Heights subdivision,” Shipley said. “When that lot was created several years ago, there was a plat made that there wouldn’t be an access on Thornton Drive. 

“Normally, we would ask for another access point,” but did not “since (Thornton Heights) is an existing subdivision and there is no other access point,” he added. “And there’s a 35-foot buffer coming in the right-of-way.”

Another issue asked about by Brad Knepp, Robert G. Campbell & Associates senior site designer, was the plan for drainage on the site.

Shipley said he was told by Town engineer Darryl Smith there is a regional detention pond, which would accommodate the parcel.

“That’s good news,” Knepp said — with Mayor Ron Williams, who also serves on Farragut Municipal Planning Commission, replying, “That’s one thing you can say about this Town: They’ve always looked ahead.”

Knepp asked about the 10-foot setback requirement.

“I was particularly awakened to the idea that you wanted a 10-foot setback, no-builds setback,” he said.

“All accessory structures have to be 10 feet off the side of the property … including curbs,” Shipley replied. “It’s supposed to be the landscape area around the periphery.”