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* I’ve seen more than a few people who still insist on complaining about the bike path that runs on Peterson Road, some falsely claiming no one ever uses it. Well, those of us who live on it know that’s not true. It’s often used by pedestrians and cyclists. I’m grateful our kids have a safe space to walk on that busy road.

People are protesting it being “too narrow.” Perhaps if they’re uncomfortable with its size, they should be driving a smaller vehicle more suited to their driving skill level.

• I’m calling in response to the senior citizen woman who says she’s 77 years old, had been married 57 years, is getting divorced and was disappointed in reading “Senior Living shot down … (a page 1A story in our March 15 issue).” Apparently she’s under the impression there’s no senior living in Farragut and that if Harmony (of Farragut) was built then she would have some place to go.

Well, I got online and I looked it up: in Farragut in the 37934 Zip code there’s senior living on Concord Road, on Kingston Pike, on Villages Commons Boulevard, on Herron Road, on Canton Hollow Road and just off of Kingston Pike. There’s also quite a few senior living centers in Loudon County, in Lenoir City, in the 37932 Zip code and in the 37922 Zip code, which are not far from Farragut.

Maybe one of her friends or family who is more computer savvy could sit down with her and go through these options and help her find a place to live.

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