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(After reading a March 22 Presstalk about a 77-year-old Farragut woman being divorced by her husband of decades and expressing concern about her residency status) ... and apparently thinks she doesn’t have anywhere to live, she could contact Medicare or Social Security (Administration); she could call the 211 number that can let her know what agencies and resources are out there.

This really has me worried. If I knew who she was I would already be knocking at her doorstep helping her figure this out. But if someone in her family, a neighbor, a friend — someone would go online and see all the senior centers that are in Farragut and near Farragut (where) she could have choices; help her make some decisions. She is probably worried to death right now because of the situation that she is in. If anybody knows who she is, please reach out to her and help her. This is what communities and neighbors are supposed to do.