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• I just learned that the Town of Farragut only contributes around $100,000 per year to the schools in Farragut. We have primary, elementary, intermediate and high school (public). I also heard that they were thinking about a sports park somewhere. They do not need to spend money on sports parks; they need to spend it on schools. Farragut should be contributing well up — over a $1 million a year — to schools. Maybe even more than $1 million; maybe $2 million.

They need to contribute much more to schools: schools are struggling with security, with funding. We shouldn’t always depend on Knox County. I don’t know if people know that, but those are the facts: a very disgraceful situation.

• I understand another proposal for an assisted living/memory care/health care facility beside Villages (of Farragut) is coming back before the Town of Farragut, and that’s good. The earlier proposal for a $69 million investment was shamefully turned down. A lot of people in Farragut want the additional assisted living/memory/health care facility so there’s competition with pricing. It’s right beside The Villages, the same area, the same zoning. Hopefully the proposal is coming back.

Farragut needs more assisted living/memory care for the aging citizens. Most people in the community — Village Green, Fox Den, Kingsgate, Concord Hills, Derby Chase, Derby Run — want this facility. There’s one or two people in Baldwin Park that don’t want it, but that’s not all of Farragut. Farragut’s a lot bigger than just one subdivision.

• I am completely unable to get past the post from last week in Nextdoor about someone placing fliers or a flier in the Stonecrest neighborhood that were anti-Semitic and hate-filled, not to mention (inaudible). Whomever did this has to somehow, some way be held accountable. I am so angry that our community has to deal with someone who feels that it is OK to attack innocent people with hate and scare tactics.

I grew up in a neighborhood with fairly diverse religious beliefs: every denomination of Protestant, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox Catholic, Mormon, Jewish and a Hindu family. We all played together, went to birthday parties, went to school together; we had neighborhood gatherings together. … The act was evil, the intent was evil — regardless (of who posted it). Someone is trying to spread hate content in our community, and it just absolutely makes me want to scream. Someone, somewhere, has to have a copy of this. If you do, please take it to the police to get fingerprints off of it. This does not have anything to do with politics: it has to do with human decency.