Community Shred Day April 22 at Admiral Title

A group of local businesses are providing a free Community Shred Day event day next week.

It will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, April 22, at Admiral Title, 8517 Kingston Pike, near Walker Springs to help people clear out old files.

The event is being held twofold. “One of the reasons is it’s Earth Day,” said one of the sponsors, Eric Whitener, principal broker with The Knox Fox Real Estate Group.

“And those documents, going in the shredder, saves space in a landfill. It’s kind of a green way of taking care of those documents.”

Another reason for Community Shred Day is “we live in a world where people are getting their personal information stolen,” Whitener said. “People are using credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and all that personal information you try to protect.

“The only way, once it’s written down, to securely get rid of it is to shred it,” he added. “Not everybody has a shredder at home; and if you do, it’s most likely a small on, and it takes forever and is kind of a hassle.

“This way, you can bring up to three boxes or bags of paper and take care of it in five minutes. It’s the easiest way to do it versus trying to go a shredding center because those aren’t necessarily convenient, and they charge you for shredding your documents.

Overall, this is the most secure way of getting rid of all that personal information,” Whitener said.

“Being a mortgage lender, I know the importance of keeping confidential information, confidential,” said Vicki Williams, loan officer with Movement Mortgage, who added she and other friends/sponsors “want to continue to be a great resource for our clients, as well as to the community.

“Hopefully this on-site Community Shred Day will not only take a little less burden off of our planet, but also give peace of mind that confidential information is disposed of in a safe manner,” she added.

The public is encouraged to register at to reserve a spot “so we’ll have an idea of how many are coming,” Whitener said.

“A group of us got together,” Whitener said of himself, Williams, Val Privett with Beacon Insurance Advisors, Aaron Crecy with Junk Galaxy and Phyllis Burnett with Admiral Title, who are sponsoring Community Shred Day.

“We basically hired Shred It,” he added. “They are going to bring out a big on-site shredding truck, so people can basically bring their documents — all the stuff with personal information, the things you just don’t want to throw away — to the event.

“We will help them take their documents — their box or bag — out of their car. It will (go) right into the can, and then that can gets dumped into the truck and gets shredded right on site.

Basically, “We’re looking for paper items — (up to) three boxes or bags per vehicle,” Whitener said. “They can’t just bring their whole basement full of stuff.

“You figure every few years you’ve got to get rid of tax documents and stuff like that,” he added.

“This is a great opportunity to bring those things, free of charge to the public.”

For more information, call Whitener at 865-213-2899.