Nationally renowned yoga instructor at Real Hot Yoga April 22

  • Nationally-renowned yoga instructor and podcaster Laurel Beversdorf will be teaching two workshops this Saturday, April 22, in Real Hot Yoga in Farragut. - Photo submitted

Nationally renowned yoga instructor and podcaster Laurel Beversdorf will teach two workshops this Saturday, April 22, at Real Hot Yoga — Farragut.

Beversdorf, who also has a large following on Instagram, was contacted by Farragut resident Dian Hall, who is a local yoga instructor and fan. Hall teaches and practices yoga at the Real Hot Yoga studio, owned by Brad and Lisa LeCoultre.

“A lot of my friends follow her on Instagram, and I reached out to her and told her many of us would like to meet her,” Hall recalled. “She offered to come and teach some workshops here.”

The two workshops will be Resistance Band Innovations for Yoga from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and Yoga Block Redemption from 2 to 4 p.m.

In the first workshop, participants can “learn how to use resistance bands to overcome strength, mobility and stability challenges,” while in the second, class takers can learn to use yoga blocks “as a favorite tool for reducing pain, improving muscle engagement and finding novelty and challenge in poses that previously felt uncomfortable or boring,” according to information provided by Beversdorf’s website.

Cost is $50 per person, with room for 35 students per class. Yoga instructors receive two Continuing Education Credits (CEC) for each workshop.

New York native Beversdorf currently lives in Huntsville, Alabama, and is a certified kettlebell specialist, strength coach and the creator of Yoga with Resistance Bands teacher training. 

“Laurel has a podcast called ‘Movement Logic’ that is fun and informative,” Hall said. “You can also find her articles online on Yoga Journal, Shut Up & Yoga and the Tune Up Fitness blog and her own personal blog as well.”

Real Hot Yoga — Farragut is located at 11515 Kingston Pike, in the Village Green Shopping Center, where it has operated since October 2022. It is a Franchise of Real Hot Yoga founded in Knoxville.

The studio is open 7 days a week and offers 42 classes to fit every schedule and all capabilities.

“The heated room adds an element of cardio to your practice, as well as making your muscles more pliable and flexible with your practice over time,” Lisa LeCoultre said.

To sign up for either workshop or for more information, email or call 865-288-0310.