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• I have lived in Farragut most of my life: Concord-Farragut and then (Town of) Farragut. And over the past, maybe coming up on, two years, I have never seen so much hate and vitriol in our community — and it’s coming from a small group of people. First, here a couple of weeks ago, there were the hate fliers. Now there are mean, ugly signs being put up in a person’s front yard: they chose to do this, making mean and nasty comments about some of our elected officials.

Now I know they didn’t like them, they didn’t vote for them. That’s fine; that’s a personal opinion.

But what they are doing is juvenile and childish and mean and nasty.

And unfortunately, this one person did this where they used to live.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this type of behavior in our community is unacceptable.

It is not just about differing opinions, and it’s definitely not about politics. It is a lack of common decency and polite and courteous behavior that these people just do not seem to grasp, and I am personally sick of it.