Town of Farragut FUN Volunteer and Committee Banquet

  • Markie Lukyniuk - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Tom Wheeler and son, William - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Joyce Moran, Admiral - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Marianne McGill, 20 years - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Inja and Jon Greene - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Tonya and Alex Churyuk - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Debbie Pinchok, left and Rita Holladay - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • From left, Pat Lewis, John Hoffman and Susan Hoffman - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • From left, Vice Mayor Louise Povlin, John Hoffman and Mayor Ron Williams - Photos by Tammy Cheek

From those who served the Town the longest to those who dedicated the most time, the Town of Farragut honored all its volunteers at its annual FUN Volunteer and Committee Banquet in Farragut Community Center Friday, April 14.

“The Town currently has over 80 volunteers, including our youth members, serving on 10 standing committees who do an outstanding job of contributing to the success of the Town, Mayor Ron Williams said.

Among those, Marianne McGill, one of the Town’s founders, was honored for 20 years serving the Town on the Board of Mayor and Alderman, Arts & Beautification Committee and Farragut Tourism/Visitor Advisory Committee.

Additionally, Joyce Moran, who serves on the Museum Committee, was honored for rising in rank to admiral.

In order to achieve the admiral rank, a volunteer must have at least 3,000 hours. In the 21 years she has volunteered for the Town, Moran has achieved 3,100 hours.

“I love to volunteer,” she said. Moran recalled she was volunteering while she was still working full time at a hospital. After retiring, she dedicated more time to the Town.

Williams and Vice Mayor Louise Povlin presented the following service awards:

• 15-Year: Noah Myers, Farragut Municipal Planning Commission and Visual Resources Review Board; Dot LaMarche, Farragut Museum Committee, FMPC; Board of Mayor and Alderman and Board of Zoning Appeals.

• 10-Year: Wes Tankersley, Board of Plumbing & Gas/Mechanical Examiners.

• Five year: Michael Bellamy, Board of Zoning Appeals, Farragut Muncipal Planning Commission and Farragut Tourism/Visitors Advisory Committee; Drew Burnette, Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen and Parks and Athletic Council; Diane Duncan, Arts and Beautification Committee; Mark Gellar, Parks and Athletics Council; John Hoffman, Board of Zoning Appeals and Farragut Museum Committee; Ashley Lynch, Farragut Tourisim/Visitors Advisory Committee; Jennifer Mayfield, Stormwater Advisory Committee; Bill Rhodes III, Farragut Museum Committee; Scott Russ, Farragut Municipal Planning Commission, Parks & Athletics Council and Tree Board; Vonnie Tharp, Parks & Athletics Council; Jeff Ullian, Parks & Athletics Council; and Candace Viox, Farragut Tourism/Visitors Advisory Committee.

“The town is richer due to your involvement and expertise,” Williams said.

Farragut’s Unsung Navy (FUN) volunteers also were recognized for their contributions.

The FUN Volunteer Program started in January 1992, working in a variety of areas, from museum docents to working the Independence Day Parade and other events.

“The total number of hours given in 2022 by the 61 FUN volunteers were just shy of 1,800,” Williams said. “The total number of hours donated to the Town of Farragut since the FUN Volunteer Program began in 1992 is 151,730.

“This represents a savings to our Town of well over $1,500,000,” he added.