Povlin answers Presstalk criticism that Town doesn’t spend enough on public schools

Farragut Vice Mayor Louise Povlin said she was “responding to an interesting (Presstalk) in the farragutpress (April 13) about how little funding the Town of Farragut contributes to Knox County Schools.”

This came just prior to what she labeled “a brief report” during the Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting Thursday, April 13:

Saying she compiled information for a presentation “for our Intro to Farragut class,” Povlin shared the following:

In fiscal year 2022, “$8,284,000 of the (Knox County) property tax collected in Farragut went to Knox County’s General Purpose School Fund;

“… In fiscal year 2022, Farragut collected $17,320,000 in local sales tax.” Of that, “$8,660,000 (or 50 percent) went to Knox County’s General Purpose School Fund;

“… In fiscal year 2022, 50 percent of what the Town generated from gross receipts tax on alcoholic beverages” sold in Farragut came to “$180,500, (which) was remitted to Knox County’s General School Fund;

“On top of that, the Town of Farragut provides community grants of $27,000 to each of the (four public Farragut) schools and $12,000 to Farragut Education Foundation.

“But the support for our schools doesn’t stop there: we have the Town of Farragut Education Relations Committee, which in the last year hosted the Principals Luncheon in August, (which) provides a forum through which all the (public) schools can coordinate fundraising dates. …

“Since 2018 the participants in each of our Introduction to Farragut classes have volunteered their time at one of the Farragut public schools to assist our school in addressing (their) needs.

“And, most importantly, our Town Public Works Department has tirelessly supported our schools through the years. Most recently, they’ve donated and spread mulch at Farragut Primary School; donated and spread mulch as Farragut Intermediate (School) and Farragut Middle School picnic tables, aerated the Farragut High School baseball field, hauled sand, aerated, top-dressed and spread gravel at Farragut soccer field and hung banners at Farragut High School.

“… In fact, we contribute more than $17 million, through taxes and grants, to the Knox County Schools.

“… I just wanted to make that clear.”