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• What on earth is happening at the Farragut Folklife Museum? Things have been changed around, Admiral Farragut’s bust is not there now, dresses are put up. What in the world is going on down there? There is some gentleman doing this, and it needs to be fixed — or stopped. The Farragut Folklife Museum is not in the same condition. Things are being moved out. Please find out what in the world is going on and stop this.

• Farragut needs to expand its senior housing options, as the existing senior living communities are at, or near, full capacity. The demand for senior living exists now, and will only become greater. The property owner is dedicated to developing an effective senior living and memory care facility directly behind Ingles adjacent to Villages of Farragut, which only offers independent senior living.

No other suitable location that meets the minimum 10 acres tract size for a senior living community is available in Farragut. Most of us selecting a senior living facility for a loved one may prefer a Farragut location with nearby neighbors, friends, health-care facilities, physicians and places of worship. Who really wants to be (inaudible) to an unfamiliar, less desirable and less convenient area at this stage of life. Now is the time to be proactive at creating a bright future for our seniors right here at home in Farragut.

I encourage all citizens of our vibrant community to voice their opinion to the (Farragut Municipal) Planning Commission and (Board of Mayor and Aldermen) in this regard.

• I was checking: did the Town of Farragut turn away the Hy-Vee merchandise store from Des Moines, Iowa? They would be a big sales tax generator for Farragut. Surely they did not turn away that massive sales-tax generator. Farragut lives on sales tax. Could they survive turning big companies like that down that wants to come to Farragut. I thought the Town officials recruited Hy-Vee, but I guess they didn’t. What happened to Hy-Vee?

• In reference to the person who called in (to farragutpress) about the Town of Farragut only donating or providing $100,000 worth of money to Knox County Schools per year, they were obviously very mistaken in what they said.

At the Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting on (April) 13, (a board member) broke down exactly how much money comes from the Town of Farragut, where the Town of Farragut gets those monies from and how much goes to the Knox County Schools (see address listed on the upper left side of this page). The actual total is over $17 million.

This money comes from grants, taxes, funding and so forth. Furthermore, the Town of Farragut has very little of anything to do with Knox County Schools because they are owned and run by Knox County. I just wanted to make that very clear.