Following 60 years

Pelot retires from dentistry; Shabo carries on practice

Following more than 60 years in the practice of dentistry, Dr. Reuben Pelot III retired from his long-standing Farragut dental studio last fall — but not before leaving it in excellent hands.

Dr. Drew Shabo and his wife, Tina Shabo, of Ooltewah purchased the practice and opened Southland Dental in Village Green shopping center last Octobe, in the same location Pelot had worked more than two decades.

“It was wonderful to have bought from someone who had been here for so long, and Dr. Pelot interviewed us thoroughly to make sure we were a good fit for his patients,” said Tina, who works in partnership with her husband overseeing office management and marketing.

The couple previously operated practices in Chattanooga and Johnson City, but only operate the one in Farragut presently.

“When our practice in Johnson City sold, we knew Farragut would be the perfect one for us,” said Tina, noting the couple commutes to Farragut Monday through Thursday.

“We love it here, and working in Farragut has been a rewarding experience,” she added. “We have met so many amazing people that were long-term patients of Dr Pelot’s, and most of them have stayed with the practice.

“They have seen that Dr. Pelot has entrusted Dr. Shabo with their care.”

While Dr. Shabo performs general dentistry practices — cleanings, fillings and repairs — he also brings an array of different skills to Farragut.

“Dr. Shabo is the first in East Tennessee to have the laser called Nightlase that can dramatically improve sleep apnea symptoms and decrease or even eliminate snoring,” Tina said. “He can also treat sleep apnea with an FDA-approved sleep apnea oral device.

“Dr. Shabo has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants,” she added.

Dr. Shabo has been in practice for 25 years.

“He recently started giving flowers to the lady patients as they are leaving the office. He feels that great hospitality and warmth should come from every business that deals with people,” Tina said.

The couple has four daughters, with their oldest planning to attend Lincoln Memorial University dental school in the fall of 2024, hoping to follow in her father’s footsteps.

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