New Borrow Hardware helps with moving chores

Farragut residents Andrew Burrage and wife, Catherine Burrage, are embarking on a new home-based business, Borrow Hardware Company, to help people with moving equipment.

Instead of having to scrounge for boxes and buy such equipment as dollies, people can “borrow” those items from his company.

“We’re a mobile equipment rental company, and right now we’re focused on moving equipment,” Andrew Burrage said.

”We’ll be doing mobile deliveries — drop off and pick up — everything you need to move,” he added. “I’m looking forward to the opportunity,”

The company lends plastic, reusable moving boxes — no cardboard — along with dollies; moving blankets; forearm forklift, which is lifting straps; packing paper; a detailed moving plan that outlines tricks and tips; and a carpet cleaner.

“I think there is a lot of inefficiencies with renting equipment in general,” he said. “There is a lot of driving back and forth to big-box stores and that’s just a waste of time. I’m trying to eliminate as many frustrations as possible with the moving process.

“I think, having a complete moving package or system would be more beneficial, as well, where you don’t have to spend a couple hundred dollars on a dolly that you’re going to use once or twice,” Burrage added.

A U.S. Navy corpsman veteran, he was in military service for six years. Burrage also works full time in cyber security. He was inspired by his own moving experiences.

“My wife and I moved a lot since we’ve been together, and it’s always been frustrating when we move,” Burrage said.

“Every time we move, we always clean carpets,” he added. “We rent (the cleaner), and it’s dirty, so that is always frustrating.”

Additionally, “I’ve done everything from buying from big-box stores to dumpster diving to begging for boxes,” he recalled. “It wasn’t an efficient process because I was driving all over town acquiring boxes.”

So, “I figured why not have a solution where somebody drops off the boxes when you need them and then picks them up when you’re done with the move,” Burrage said.

The Burrages began with a soft launch of the business in April. “We’re trying to build up our presence on social media and sending out mailers,” he said.

For service, he said the best way is to visit online at However, he also can be contacted by e-mail at or by calling 865-344-3083.