• I watched (a meeting of Farragut officials) Thursday night (May 18) about the Hy-Vee company coming to Farragut. I thought the Farragut officials were recruiting big sales-tax generators for Farragut, so we could avoid a (Town) property tax on homeowners.

If we don’t get more sales-tax revenue, which Farragut lives from, we will need a (Town) property tax for single-family homeowners, so the homeowners better wake up about that.

I thought the Farragut officials were smart to recruit Hy-Vee to come to (a roughly 60-acre lot about one-quarter mile west of the Kingston Pike/Campbell Station Road intersection) as a big sales-tax generator and also additional development.

I’m confused: does Farragut want this sales-tax revenue? ... They need to be clear-minded about this.