Walker ministers through online Slated for Grace

Danielle Walker of Farragut recently launched an online ministry, Slated for Grace, a website to provide spiritual assistance.

The website slatedforgrace.com “shares YouTube videos, blog posts, and I run a 40-day devotional to the Gospel of Matthew that’s on there for purchase now,” Walker said.

“And we offer Biblical coaching on (the site) for marriages and for women.”

She has been a full-time pastor for 15 years, most recently at Grace Church of Knoxville, where she served for eight years as assistant pastor.

“I really felt that I needed to work on my Slated for Grace ministry,” Walker said about devoting more time to the online presence.

“Really, there’re so many people that aren’t in church. They don’t go to church,” she added.

“They don’t understand what the Bible says and how comforting and good God is. I just wanted to branch out.”

The impetus to start Slated for Grace began during the pandemic.

“During COVID, when our church closed for a bit, I really wanted a way to continue teaching scripture to people, so I started a Facebook page called Slated for Grace,” Walker said.

“I just started making videos and putting posts out there to read,” she added.

“We would do Bible studies each week and all kinds of things. But then, when church reopened, I was so busy that I couldn’t really commit to any of that (on the Facebook page).”

However, when she resigned from the church in November, “I decided I really wanted to put a lot of effort toward building (Slated for Grace) up and making it more of a solid business,” Walker said.

“It feels weird to call it a business because it’s a ministry,” she added.

While nervous about starting the online business, Walker is excited about going full time with the website.

As a business, she sells her devotionals and offers coaching as products.

“I’m hoping to expand into some other printed materials eventually,” Walker said.

“My goal is to have an actual space in the Farragut area, where people could come if they needed to talk, if they needed to read Bible studies there — kind of like a church but without a worship service — just a space for people to gather, a safe space,” she added.

“I always said I wanted Slated for Grace to be a very safe space for people to ask really hard questions about who God is. Everyone has their own story of how things are really yucky or broken.

A key was “to sit with those people and help walk them through how … God is still very good,” Walker said.

She noted her family is “super-supportive,” including her husband, Thomas Walker, who owns Clean Slate Property Inspections.