ed correction letter author

Last week I submitted a Letter to the Editor in which I approximated between 750–900-plus apartments as the worst-case development scenario for the Loudon County land abutting the southwest corner of Farragut.

My estimation was not correct, as Loudon County changed their ordinance in June 2022 limiting density to 2.0 units per acre in their R-1 Zoning District.

In doing my research, I reviewed the R-1 Ordinance on the Loudon County Planning and Codes Enforcement webpage.

The R-1 Ordinance on this page does not include the language changes from the initial 2020 Resolution, where it was decreased to 2.5 units per acre, nor the 2022 change limiting density to 2.0 units per acre.

Based on the 2022 changes the maximum number of residential units on the 128 acres would be 256 units, not 750–900-plus.

It was not my intent to exaggerate any numbers, but to simply state that the Town of Farragut would not have any authority over this development, and that it would impact Farragut once this road is connected to the property being bought by the Town.

I apologize for any confusion this might have caused and vow to be more thorough in my research going forward.

Michael Wilson,