Any new park should be in, or close, to North Ward

There has been much discussion around the park/not-a-park behind McFee Park on the Scott brothers land. There is no doubt the land purchase appears hasty and lacks significant public outreach. But, I have a different concern.

I live in the North Ward. While there are some parks, Mayor Bob Leonard soccer and baseball complex and Founders (Park) and whatever is built around Campbell Station Inn,there is not a park for general purposes near the Grigsby Chapel (Road)-Union (Road) corridor.

Mr. (Michael) Wilson showed a chart during (BOMA) Citizen’s Forum this past Thursday (BOMA meeting). On his chart is the Town of Farragut along with stars denoting where parks are located. There is a hole in the middle of the chart along this corridor with no stars. Why is there not any park planned closer to North Ward residents and the central part of TOF?

TOF BOMA is bent on spending $5.6M for a potential future park that is closer to residents outside of Town of Farragut than TOF residents; some of the land is even outside Town limits in Loudon County. This doesn’t make sense. McFee is a great multi-use park; why do we need another one next to it?

Furthermore, there is open land available in the North Ward that is easier to access, has fewer tress and is more central. BOMA needs to pause the purchase of the expensive tree-covered, sinkholed land to reconsider the needs of the North Ward residents.

Adam Atherton, Farragut

Ex-farragutpress reporter to be sorely missed by reader

I just wanted to say I am deeply sad to hear that reporter Michelle Hollenhead has left the farragutpress. Although I know she’s doing what is best for her family and herself and will probably go on to greater and better things, I will miss her honest and ethical reporting.

I will miss her friendly and professional manner, and I will miss her dedication to the facts and to making sure that in the articles she wrote that she talked to the people that were involved, and not just pulling information out of the air.

I hope she does well in her new career and that she’s happy. I hope the farragutpress can find someone who’s at least as half as dedicated and as good at their job as Michelle has been.

Jeanne Brykalski, Farragut