First Day for Farragut Primary students

  • Victor Kisakov with his daugher, second-grader Darina Kisakov

  • Sneha Ghule with her daughter, second-grader Saniya Gaikwad

  • First-grader Nayeli Elisavex

  • Volunteer greeter Jack “Papa” Kreis

  • Volunteers Bobby Scott and student intern Raquel Boruff

  • First-grader Zach Roberts, left, his second-grade big brother, Jacob Roberts, and their mom, Patsy Roberts

  • First-grader Thea Cortese with mom, Cora Cortese, and sister, Lyla, 2

  • Second-grader Grace Buffalo with her mom, Laura Buffalo

Farragut Primary School first- and second-graders, parents, teachers and staff turned out in force Tuesday morning, Aug. 8, for the first day of school, which was a half day for students.

Starting at 7 a.m., more than 1,000 students walked or came by car to the front entrance, while some arrived by bus. Volunteers, such as Jake “Papa” Kreis, Bobby Scott and even District 5 Board of Education representative Susan Horn, welcomed and helped students out of their vehicles.

The first day of school for kindergartners was Wednesday, Aug. 9, during a period when students arrived at staggered times from Aug. 9 through Monday, Aug. 21.

Photos by Tammy Cheek