I’m not sure why I continue to be shocked when I see people who do not take our neighbors’ needs and concerns into consideration because they want what they want when they want it. In this particular case, it is pickleball players — many who do not live in Farragut or even near Farragut.

And they’re upset with the Town because the Town is trying to accommodate residents who live near the McFee Park area who are being bombarded by noise from the pickleball rackets and balls, which is very annoying. They have difficulty enjoying their backyards, and sometimes even inside their home, because of the noise.

The Town is trying to find a way to alleviate this, and that many of these pickleball players are (like), “we want all our courts and we want all of them now.” No. 1, they’re not their courts, they belong to the Town.

No. 2, I have to wonder if this was happening in their backyard, how would they feel about it? And No. 3, be patient, the Town is not going to take them away from you completely. But there has to be a resolution so that people can feel safe and tranquil in their homes.