Mind + Body Wellness clinic offers integrated approach

Mind + Body Wellness, a new concept in health care for adults and adolescents, held its grand opening Friday, Nov. 10, at 10904 Kingston Pike, Suite 101, in Farragut.

The full equation of the clinic is “mind plus body plus spirit equals wellness,” said Grant Hughett, business development representative. “We all get off track once in a while and need a tune-up.”

“We are an outpatient clinic working on mental health and substance abuse issues with people in the community,” site director Carri McCrary said. “We have an integrated approach with counseling, coaching, psychiatry, and we also do interventional psychiatric care with Esketamine — Spravato and TMS.

“Through traditional counseling, therapy services or med management some issues aren’t really getting addressed,” Hughett said. “There are some other methods that can help address issues like depression, traumas using TMS survival treatments and EMDR (eye movement desentization and reprocessing therapy).

“EMDR is a gold standard for trauma treatment,” McCrary said. “It is a cutting-edge experimental therapy that allows you to overcome distressing symptoms of trauma, anxiety, stress and (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).”

The clinic also provides nutritional coaching and services for military veterans.

Jamie Vance, Mind + Body Wellness CEO, started the first clinic in Franklin before opening the Farragut clinic — its second facility.

The first clinic ‘was born out of the hope of creating a clinic that provides service to people in an accessible and affordable way,” McCrary said.

“With that, … these services can be covered by insurance, so our goal is to have a network of as many insurances as possible so people can seek these services and help with that cost,” Hughett said.

Patients do not have to be referred by a physcian; they can self-refer.

“Jamie has done a great job of advertising,” Hughett said. “If you look at Google, plus you can see the big billboard out front. He’s trying to use just about every channel that somebody will use to seek out help to make sure they see us and they know we’re available to them.”

Hughett also reaches out to other health providers and medical practices that “might see patients that need mental health support.

“I try to build those relationships and bring in those patients through those connections,” he added.

“We try to make it as easy as possible so people can actually self-refer here,” McCrary said. “We have a QR code on our marketing material that they can scan.”

For more information, call 855-793-8485, e-mail to info@mindbody-wellness.com or visit online at www.mindbody-wellness.com