Sun FMS chess champ

Farragut Middle School student Yi Sun won first place in the Farragut High School Chess Club Winter Scholastic Championship Tournament, which took place in FHS Saturday, Jan. 27.

John Nguyen, also of Farragut Middle School, took home second place, and Rehan Gallege of West Valley Middle School placed third.

They were among 40 participants in the tournament.

“I loved the experience,” said Alex Lin, a club member. “It really gave me a chance to show off my chess skills and have a place to interact with people who share my passion for chess.”

“The tournament was successful in many aspects,” said Stephen Xiao, am FHS sophomore and vice president of competitions for the club. “We were very prepared and organized, which resulted in a smooth tournament.

“A fun and unique experience was handing out the

trophies,” he added. “Watching the kids smile was fulfilling, not only for us but for

the parents and players as well.

“Looking back, it was a great tournament, where everyone had a great time.”

Lots of participants

The tournament also had participants from Lenoir City High School, Farragut Primary School, Lenoir City Middle School, Hardin Valley Middle School and many home-schooled students.

“We usually hold one (U.S. Chess Federation) tournament annually, and this year’s

tournament was at FHS,” Xiao said. “We are looking to

expand that number to two tournaments a year, with one in the fall and one in the spring.

“Additionally, we host several fun blitz tournaments for our members during meetings throughout the semester, he added.

Of the consistent 15 to 20 members, FHS Chess Club had 41 participants in the Jan. 27 tournament.

“FHS has had a chess club for around five years now,” Xiao said.