Little Turkey Creek Greenway opening extends Farragut’s walking enjoyment

Farragut greenway travelers now can get in more walking distances, as Farragut cut the ribbon on the extension of Little Turkey Creek Greenway Tuesday, March 19.

“After almost a year of planning and construction, the new Little Turkey Creek Greenway is complete,” Mayor Ron Williams said.

“The extension links Sheffield and Vista subdivisions to Brookmere and Sugarwood subdivisions, as well as Kingston Pike,” he added.

“The new greenway section is approximately 1,400 feet long, 8 feet wide and features 650 feet of gravity wall with handrailing,” a press release stated.

“We use this greenway a lot already,” said Alice Thornton, a Sugarwood resident.

“A unique feature of this new greenway is a three-car parking area off Virtue Road, with a paved trail leading down to the historic Virtue Mill Water Wheel,” Williams said. “Long-time residents might remember Virtue Mill, which was built in the mid-1800s.

“There was a movement to preserve the mill and have it placed on the National Register of Historic Places, but it was destroyed by fire in 2002,” he added.

Citing the area’s contribution to the Civil War, “This area is also where the 17th Michigan Volunteer Regiment took a stand against Confederate forces on Nov. 16, 1863, as part of the Battle of Campbell Station,” the mayor said. “The Little Turkey Creek Greenway provides a critical greenway connection, meeting the Town’s strategic goal of providing excellent parks, recreation, cultural amenities and programs.”

Williams said construction began in May 2023 and was completed in February.

“This was a challenging section of greenway to build due to the difficult terrain,” he added.