• As a resident of Farragut living in the parent responsibility zone, I drop off and pick up a child at Farragut schools every day.

I must take issue with the speeding and the flagrant running of the four-way stop signs at the Farragut Intermediate School and the Farragut Middle School drop-off area.

At the same time I once again take issue with illegal speed bumps that block the disabled and provide proof that speed bumps are an absolute waste of taxpayer money in a futile attempt to mandate morality.

The speed limit in the intermediate/middle school drop-off area is 5 mph. I have to come to a complete stop to cross the horrendous speed bumps in the school drop-off.

People however, fly across the speed bumps in excess of 25 mph passing vehicles parked in the afternoon pickup line.

This is just in one hour of every single school day.

In addition to every other vehicle, I also witness Knox County Schools vehicles (a d law enforcement) vehicles speeding in the 5 mph zone on a daily basis.

The only way to stop flagrant speeding and running stop signs is men and women in blue writing hefty tickets.

I am at the very front of the pick-up line every afternoon. I challenge the farragutpress to send a reporter to video and report on the immorality of people flying across speed bumps in the intermediate school drop-off area.

I personally have 100s of videos I am about to start sharing on social media.