Sound off on Center April 9

Farragut residents will have an opportunity to voice their opinions on the vision for Town Center during two public meetings, at 11:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 9, in Farragut Community Center Assembly Room, 239 Jamestowne Blvd.

In the meantime, the Town’s steering committee discussed updated plans for the Town Center area during its meeting Monday, March 25.

Community Development director Mark Shipley said a recent survey resulted in 1,200 responses from residents.

Of 75 percent of those who responded, Shipley said 65 percent were between the ages of 45 to 64.

“The responses were generally positive until the written comments,” Shipley added. Negative comments related to the Town’s traffic and desire for no more development.

“We have a conflict,” he added. People “want the Town to stay the same. Fifty percent were for (development), and 50 percent were against.”

A map of proposed changes to Kingston Pike shows raised medians in the center, to reduce speeding, with trees in the medians.

Regarding a question of whether trees would be allowed on Kingston Pike, assistant Community Development director Bart Hose replied, “It’s approvable.”

Shipley said the consultants also suggested traffic lights at both ends of Jamestowne Boulevard, and having Municipal Center Drive developed all the way to Town Creek Road.

“Sixty percent (of survey respondents) supported the Kingston Pike intersection improvements,” Shipley said, adding they also supported the proposed sidewalks and trails.

Shipley said the goal was “to create a sense of arrival” in the Town.

However, steering committee member George Ellis observed some areas where there needed to be more access to Kingston Pike.

Likewise, Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce president/CEO Julie Blaylock, also on the committee, said the proposed map shows there would be only one way to get into Village Green shopping center.

“You need signage indicating this is the only Village Green shopping center entrance,” she added.

Steering committee members also noted the median might be too long, which could cause stacking problems.

They also considered an event center or boutique hotel on former Farragut Mayor Eddy Ford’s property, roughly 60 acres along Kingston Pike about a half-mile west of Campbell Station Road.

“That’s great,” said member Sue Stuhl, former Town Parks -Rec director, about responses.

“I appreciate the community involvement,” said steering committee member Dan Johnson, former Town fire marshal.