Leaky irritations at FHS to be solved by $2.63 million roofing replacement

Farragut High School is anticipating a new roof, which recently was approved by Knox County Board of Education.

According to a Board of Education fiscal note, the representatives approved the contract with Porter Roofing for $2,629,112 to replace FHS’s roof, with funding coming out of the 2023-24 Capital Improvement Plan funds.

“Even though this improvement won’t be as obvious as the recently paved parking lot, it is needed and I’m grateful we’re able to update the roof and keep our buildings in good repair,” said Susan Horn, the Board’s District 5 representative that includes all Farragut public schools.

“The scope of the roof replacement includes the main building, CTE building and the auditorium/gymnasium building,” Horn added. “The total square feet of roofing to be replaced is approximately 200,000 square feet.”

“We are excited about getting a new roof,” FHS principal Dr. John Bartlett said. “I believe the current roof is over 25 years old and desperately needs to be replaced. There are leaks every time it rains.

“Knox County maintenance has been fantastic in fixing the leaks and trying to keep everyone dry; however, there always seems to be another leak pop-up when one is fixed,” he added.

“Please let it be clear that Knox County maintenance has done a great job patching leaks; however, with the age of the roof, leaks are constantly happening.”

With a new roof, “We should not have to worry about where the building leaks every time it rains,” Bartlett said. “I believe the new roof and lack of moisture intrusion will also help improve our building’s air quality.”

Knox County Commission “approved the initial budget request and has now approved the construction contract,” said Doug Shover, Knox County Schools’ director of Facilities and Maintenance.

“The roof at FHS was at the top of the prioritized list developed by the KCS Maintenance Department,” Shover added.

“The estimated cost was $3 million – the bids came in and a contract has been executed for $2.63 million.”