Thrive now in the Valley

Third location grand opening planned for April 24

HARDIN VALLEY — Thrive Physical Therapy recently added another location to Knox County.

Thrive Physical Therapy-Hardin Valley will celebrate its grand opening and Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting from 4 to 6 p.m., Wednesday, April 24, at its newest location, 10612 Hardin Valley Road.

“I feel good,” Tyler Menees, clinic director and physical therapist, said about the grand opening. “We’re trying to get incorporated into the community. We’ve done screenings for local places, like the pickleball courts, Hardin Valley Academy and Go Dance down the road” to support the community and “let them know we’re here to help.

“At Thrive, we’re trying to let our patients strive for success,” Menees added. “We want them to get back to sports that they play, playing with their grandkids or even some basic functions like balance, walking and running, being more confident on their feet.”

He said Thrive’s staff strives to get to the heart of the pain.

“There’s three basic steps,” Menees said. “First, you want to kind of put out the fire, and some of that is finding the source of where the pain’s coming from, not just treating the symptoms.

“Then dial down the pain in the next couple days and then find out why it happened,” he added. “What can we do when it does come back.”

Thrive sees all sorts of clients, from little children to older adults, Menees added. “We treat pretty much anything from head to toe: dizziness or vertigo knees, back, neck, any sort of aches or pains you’re having all over the body.”

Going to a physical therapist, “most of the time it starts with somebody in pain, (but) it doesn’t necessarily have to be,” he said. “If you’re having trouble walking, trouble with your balance and you have fear of falls, you can come in.

“If you sprain your ankle or you have pain in your ankle or your knee, you can come in” for a screening, Menees added. “Screening entails certain quick range of motion testing, certain special tests we can do to pick up on if something’s there, with a Q and A, and advice of what we think is going on based on what you’re telling us.”

A doctor’s referral is not needed for the screenings, but with the evaluation, it depends on your insurance,” Menees said. “We accept all major insurances except for a few. It’s based on the insurance plan.

“But usually, for PT, we have direct access laws so we can treat you up to 90 days without a script unless you have Medicare,” he added.

“Now, they can come in for that first initial visit that we do without a script, and on my end, I can reach out to doctors or whoever to obtain that (prescription) for them,” said Megan Smith, office coordinator. “They don’t necessarily have to go to the doctor to get a referral before they come in to be seen.”

Its hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. It is closed Saturday and Sunday. To book an appointment, call 865-205-9507, or visit online at