KCSO reports

• On Thursday, April 4, a complainant called Knox County Sheriff’s Office Teleserve Unit to report a theft at a Campbell Station Road business. “Complainant said he was in the business drive-through, handed the cashier his debit card to pay for the order and the cashier did not give his debit card back,” the report stated. “Complainant said he asked for his debit card back and they denied having it.”

• At 10 a.m., Wednesday, April 3, a complainant called KCSO West Precinct to report theft from Tennova Turkey Creek Hospital, 10810 Parkside Drive. Complainant advised her employer contracts, using a tablet, with Tennova “to help assist with the valet parking, taking photographs of license plates and vehicles, at Entrance A of the hospital,” the report stated. Complainant said she was notified on Dec. 21, 2023, “at the start of the business day that the tablet was not in the locked box.

Complainant stated the tablet, “at the end of the business day, is locked up in a box and the only personnel that has access is security for the hospital and workers of the valet service. Complainant did watch video cameras, but was not able to see anything due to the camera not being on the secured box.”

Complainant does have the “‘find my iPad’ app on the tablet, but at this time is unable to locate it. Complainant advised the reason she had not made the report prior is due to being busy, as she just took this position in December 2023.” Total value of loss was listed at $1,000.

• At 10:11 a.m., Tuesday, April 2, 2024, KCSO units responded to the West Precinct for a fraud report. Upon arrival, officers made contact with victim/complainant, who said he “is a retired author who has recently paid several large sums of money to (a company) to assist him in marketing his book,” the report stated. “The services included language translations, social media advertising, publisher services, screenplay services for movie adaptation and library sales. (Victim) presented multiple contracts for these services and have copies of checks he has paid to (a press company).” Victim said he’s been in contact with two employees, who are suspects, with whom “he’s negotiated services with in the past,” the report stated. Victim said he paid out about $230,000 since Aug. 30, 2023. “Victim said “he’s been informed of royalty checks and has not received them.” As of the release of this report, victim said he “has received only $4,000 of royalties. When (victim) last spoke to (an) employee …, the employee told him, ‘I’m going to Rome to meet with the Illuminati and big things are coming for you.’ This statement made (victim) uncomfortable ... .”

• At 10:13 a.m., Tuesday, April 2, a complainant came to KCSO West Precinct to report forgery at a Holston River Road address. On Feb. 2, complainant “wrote a check out to his Movement mortgage company in the amount of $1,628.00 and mailed it at the post office at 1237 Weisgarber Road. “Complainant advised while checking his online banking account on (March 29) he noticed a difference in the amount that should be there versus what was there.

Upon checking his account, complainant noticed his mortgage payment check was not made out to the original name, but to (another name) in the amount of $7,500, and not the original amount of $1,628. “Complainant went to his local banking branch and was notified by the bank the listed check was mobile deposited and cleared into a USAA bank account … on March 26.” Complainant advised “he does not know this person or how they accessed his check,” the report stated. “Complainant stated two other checks, check Nos. 1876 and 1877, were mailed that day to credit card companies, and the bank has put a halt to both checks due to the checks not being found or cashed as of April 2.

“… The bank affidavit does say the checks were mailed from Clinton Highway Post Office, but complainant advised it was actually mailed at the Weisgarber address.”