MATHCOUNTS FMS team is champ at prestigious Nashville competition

Farragut Middle School’s MATHCOUNTS team has concluded a successful season by clinching first place at the state 2024 MATHCOUNTS Competition at Adventure Science Center in Nashville Saturday, March 23.

FMS’s team is composed of Ethan Du, Andy Gu, Jianshen Jiang, Elena Wu, Yunho Lee, Abigail Liu and Eason Xu.

“Winning state in a math competition is no small feat, and the students of the math club have certainly demonstrated their dedication, intellect and passion for mathematics,” said their coach, Leighton Simpson. “Their achievement reflects not only their individual talent, but also the collective effort put forth by the entire club and their mentors.

“It’s a testament to their hard work, perseverance and problem-solving skills,” she added. “Congratulations to the math club students on their outstanding accomplishment in showcasing the power of numbers and the beauty of mathematics.”

“This experience has really helped us foster significant growth in many aspects,” Elena Wu said.

“Not only have we learned to approach the unique and challenging problems, but we have also cultivated a strong sense of teamwork,” the team member added.

“We’ve learned to collaborate efficiently, supporting and motivating each other throughout this memorable journey.”

“It was a great experience,” Jiang said. “I am grateful for all my teammates, teachers and parents, as well as incredibly honored to represent Tennessee at MATHCOUNTS Nationals.”

Jiang seized the top position statewide, securing qualification to represent Tennessee in the National MATHCOUNTS Competition in Washington, D.C., May 12-13.