GS Gold Awards to locals

  • Redmond

  • Gergel

  • Liulevicius

  • Osti

Two Farragut High School and two Hardin Valley Academy students recently received 2024 Gold Awards from Girl Scouts of the Southern Appalachians as four of 25 girls honored across the region at a recent gala dinner/awards ceremony.

Farragut’s Helen Liulevicius helped restore a children’s play space after Catholic

Charities of East Tennessee’s building was destroyed by arson. “(Liulevicius) partnered with the organization to design and build developmentally appropriate play centers,” a GSSA press release stated. “She also established low-cost, easy-to-make toy designs for parents to take home, along with information on the types of play essential for early childhood development.”

Bailey Redmond of Farragut created a music festival to showcase young talent.

“As a young musician, Redmond had been turned away from events because of her age,” the release stated. “... She recruited volunteers, advertised the event and planned a 12-hour festival with more than 60 musicians and hundreds of people in attendance,” the release added.

Catherine Gergel, a Class of 2024 Hardin Valley Academy graduate, worked to help victims of racially driven attacks with a website featuring videos and classes on self-defense and conflict resolution. “After experiencing anti-Asian racism, Gergel created a website to help people find help and learn self-defense basics, and for potential bystanders to learn strategies to safely intervene,” the press release stated.

Nirvikta Osti of Hardin Valley established music education for special education students after learning the curriculum doesn’t always include it. “A passionate musician, Osti worked with local elementary school teachers to develop the curriculum and wrote a music book, including songs that help students learn about shapes and numbers and skills,” the release stated.