Local college grads, Prez List, Dean’s List honorees

• Sixteen students living in or just outside of Farragut were named to either the President’s List or Dean’s List at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, for spring semester. President’s List honorees: Graham Baakko, Lainey Baakko, Mason Benedetti, Blakely Beron, Sophie Dotson, Selene Tan, Hannah Arnold, Tessa Schlomer, Kendall Thompson and Caleb Wanca. Dean’s List honoree: Jacob Nieman, Emily Ogle, Halye Barlow, Madelyn Henrie, Ethan James and Emily Lin.

• At the the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Steven DeFreece of Farragut received a Bachelor of Science degree following spring semester, while Emily Lin of Farragut received a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.

• Susannah Gordon of Farragut earned the distinction of Faculty Honors for Spring Semester 2024 at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.

• Lee University in Cleveland (Bradley County) congratulates Jacey Jennings of Farragut on earning Dean’s List honors during the Spring 2024 semester. Dean’s List recognition is earned by full-time, undergraduate students with a semester grade -point average between 3.7 and 4.00.

• Ella Myers of Farragut was named to the Rhodes College (Memphis) Spring 2024 Dean’s List. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student must be enrolled in at least 16 credits of academic work and achieve a semester minimum grade point average of 3.70.

• Kathrine Klenske of Farragut has been named to the Kennesaw State University (Georgia) Spring 2024 President’s List. To qualify, students must achieve a term grade-point average of 4.0 and complete a minimum of nine credit hours.

• Elisha Smith of Farragut has been named to Southern New Hampshire University’s Winter 2024 Dean’s List. Full-time undergraduate students who have earned a grade-point average from 3.500 to 3.699 for the reporting term are named to the Dean’s List.