After reading in the farragutpress about Old Concord residents’ recent opposition to having a (convenience store/restaurant) on Concord Road, along with other growing concerns about traffic, noise, etc., I’d like to add to that the high level of traffic on our now multi-lane road has become more than just a nuisance, not just in the Historic District but for anyone living along Concord and Turkey Creek roads or beyond.

In addition to the perhaps thousands of cars using the road daily, there are heavy load trucks, semis or 18-wheeler-type trucks, emergency service vehicles, motorcycles, public transport vehicles and the increasingly loathsome, loud and annoying street-racer cars with modified exhaust systems loud enough to make your ears hurt and blood boil (speeding, racing, muffler and noise ordinances along with public safety be dam----). When will these problems be addressed?

It reduces the quality of life for many residents who can no longer sit outside and enjoy a friendly conversation in the comfort of their front or backyards. The growing level of exhaust fumes becomes more toxic by the day. These problems will not only decrease the value of our homes but will ultimately affect our health and well-being.

I grew up here and remember the quaint country road it once was. Growth and progress don’t always have to be synonymous with encroachment, pollution and a decreased quality of life, or so one would hope. I would like to suggest a sound barrier wall to Town officials but don’t know where to start. Any suggestions would be most welcome.