Farragut Decision ’24: Cain

Ward I North alderman seat

What are the qualities needed, that you possess, for the North Ward (Ward I) post that you seek?

Alexander J. Cain

• During my extensive involvement in the Farragut community, I have served as a volunteer football coach at Farragut High School for a decade. I help student athletes understand the game of football, teamwork, leadership and life.

Additionally, I worked as a school security officer in Knox County Schools before transitioning to a full-time criminal justice/forensic science teacher at both Farragut High and Gibbs High. I was with KCS for 14 years.

For over 15 years, I contributed to the church security team at First Baptist Concord.

As a small business owner since 2021, I recognize the fine line between boosting Town income through sales tax revenue and ensuring that businesses do not negatively impact residents’ quality of life or public safety.

In 2020, I was disappointed by the lack of substantial public outreach during discussions about the Biddle Farm project.

-What are one or two of the biggest issues/challenges facing the North Ward, specifically, and one or two of the biggest issues/challenges facing Town of Farragut? What are you going to do about it, and why are you best suited to get the job done as alderman?

• Traffic presents a significant challenge for the Mayor and Aldermen in the coming years. Two major road projects, beyond Farragut’s control, are imminent:

-Northshore Drive widening: the Knox County Commission has approved widening Northshore Drive by 2 feet per lane. During construction, one lane of Northshore will close, diverting traffic via Kingston Pike, Campbell Station and other connectors within the county and Town.

-I-40/I-75 expansion: TDOT plans to add a fourth lane on I-40/I-75 east and west from Lovell Road to the 1-40/I-75 split. Improvements to the Campbell Station I-40/I-75 interchange are also in the works.

Despite these developments, Farragut is unprepared for the additional traffic. The upcoming Traffic-Light System prioritizes flow control over accommodating increased volume. Unfortunately, the system is still not up and running.

To address these shortcomings, I reviewed the Biddle Farm project’s traffic study and conducted extensive research. By 2025, two new left-turn lanes at Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike will be necessary.

These lanes should match the current 11-foot width to prevent traffic diversion into nearby neighborhoods.

Residents of Grigsby Chapel Road, Smith Road, Everett Road, Sonja Drive and Admiral Drive deserve thoughtful consideration. As an engaged community member, I am committed to listening and committed to work in partnership with the community to develop strategies and solutions.

The other major challenge is the Sonja Drive Greenway/road expansion; residents face an eminent domain situation, risking a significant loss of their land for a road project they strongly oppose.

Eminent domain should always be a last resort after all other solutions have been exhausted. Extensive community engagement is paramount.

Advocating for their rights remains crucial during and after the election.

Personal information

• I have never held a political office since moving to Farragut in 1998. When I attended Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan, I was elected by the student body to the office of vice-president of the Residence Hall Association. …

I currently own/operate a corporate security consulting and concierge transportation company, Tristar Executive Solutions.

My mother and father, along with my former wife and two stepdaughters, live here in the Farragut community.