Farragut Decision ’24: Devlin

Ward I North alderman seat

What are the qualities needed, that you possess, for the North Ward (Ward I) post that you seek?

Jeffrey Devlin

• With more than 30 years of experience in emergency services, I would say that I can remain calm in stressful situations. I have spent my entire professional life helping others on their worst days and making crucial decisions in high-pressure situations.

The ability to be calm, thoughtful, see all sides while considering multiple perspectives and opinions is what I do.

I also have a tremendous amount of experience in the Town, having served as a volunteer on many committees during the last eight years. I feel I am approachable and the kind of person that wants to understand why people feel a certain way about things.

I think in the current Town environment someone who asks “why” is needed as much as any other time in our history.

I believe I am that person. I am also extremely active and have covered every mile of greenway in our Town multiple times over and know the gaps. I think together we can close these and enhance our parks even more.

-What are one or two of the biggest issues/challenges facing the North Ward, specifically, and one or two of the biggest issues/challenges facing Town of Farragut? What are you going to do about it, and why are you best suited to get the job done as alderman?

• While the Interstate expansion and associated exit improvements will need a strong examination of the noise effects in the north ward, I think there are several issues going on in the Town that are related to each other.

We are experiencing a lot of growth and revitalization. We are witnessing redevelopment of dilapidated areas within the town, strong advancement toward a true Town Center, improvement in parks and a new school in the works.

These things are to be celebrated, and we are on the right trajectory. Couple this with the growth in Knox and surrounding counties in general, the oversaturation of I40/75, there naturally is an increase in associated traffic. Some of our neighbors think the Town has done too much too quickly.

There has been a real reactionary response to all this change, and it has, at times, gotten ugly. We are better than this and need to remember first and foremost that we are all neighbors and care about the Town.

I will engage with all who think we are on the wrong path and listen to their concerns.

I may not convince them of why I believe Farragut is on the right path, but I will always give them my time. And if there is a change of course that must be made, I will not shy away from that.

I stand firm that Farragut

is today a great place to live, work, worship and have fun. I also believe our best days are ahead of us.

Personal information

• I am certainly not a politician. ... (but) I have served on the (Town) Personnel Committee until it was shuttered. I also was a member of the Parks and Athletic Council for over five years, and I am currently (on) the Board of Zoning Appeals and Municipal Planning Commission.

I am the interim fire chief of Rural Metro Fire here in Knox County. I have worked in emergency services for almost 34 years.

I have been married to my wife, Joanne, for virtually 25 years, and have a son.